Security System of the Pyrolysis Facility

The complex pyrolysis facility is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors to monitor the exhausts. The control system of the burner is automatic. The screw driver of the reactor chamber is equipped with frequency converters to adjust the screw rotational speed.
The monitor and control system keeps track of all extraordinary situations and signals to the operator; the protecting system is activated automatically at emergency higher limits. All the control devices are placed in the separate control cabinet, which is equipped with ground connection system and the emergency stop button.

Operational Requirements and Security

Operating hours: 8 000 hours per year (2 days per month required for maintenance).
Operating period: 20 years (10 year before major overhaul).

Operating staff required:
24-hour coverage based on three shifts

  • Shift Engineer Manager – manages the pyrolysis process and power generation stability (1 worker per shift);
  • Shift Engineer Assistant * (qualification: mechanics, electricians, engineers) – control the pyrolysis process parameters (1-2 workers per shift);
  • Shift Steam Boiler Technician –manage and control the steam boilers operation (1 worker per shift);

8-hour coverage (one day shift)

  • Operators of waste sorting line * – required only for MSW recycling projects (2-6 workers);
  • Weigher – weighs the trucks which carry the raw or output solid product (1 worker);
  • Crane Operator (hoistmen) – operates the raw loading (1 worker);
  • Welder/Electrician – repair group (1-2 workers);
  • Administrative personnel * (Managing Director, Plant Manager, Secretary, Accountant).

* Please, notify that the amount of workers required depends on project specifications and national regulations, and should be clarified by our manager.

Pyrolysis Plant Consumption *:
Electricity: about 200-350 kW/hour
Water: about 5 m3/year
Fuel: the output gas of the pyrolysis process (or other output product) is applied.

* The consumption norms depends on project specifications, and should be clarified by our manager.


The installation site for pyrolysis equipment should meet the requirements as follows:

  • Footprint of the covered space – about 2 000-3 000 m2 *;
  • Height – 12 m;
  • Сathead, loading bridge crane or similar mechanism, capable to lift up to 5 t;
  • Containers for raw materials and charcoal briquettes storage (installed outside);
  • Additional space: weighing, loading and unloading platforms for trucks, administrative office building, support premises.

* The footprint of the installation site depends on project specifications, and should be clarified by our manager.