Low-Temperature Continuous Pyrolysis

Continuous pyrolysis is the thermal waste treatment technology applied for dry sewage sludge, biomass, municipal or clinical waste eco-friendly processing with further production of the commercially attractive products like electricity, heat, liquid or solid fuel.

The complex pyrolysis installations are adjusted in such a manner that pyrolysis process goes continuously (24/7). It provides high input capability, less operation cost and technological stability.

The first operation stage is focused on preparing the input raw materials to pyrolysis process. The common preparation system consists of dryers, crushers and conveyor belts, which move the raw to feed the pyrolysis reactor. It is fully automatic. Pre-sorting line and metal separators for MSW or rubber products are included into the system upon request.

At the second stage, the output products (gasoil, pyrocarbon, liquid fuel) are manufactured during the wasteless pyrolysis process in closed reactor at low temperature (up to 650 ⁰C). The innovative air-locks, developed by our engineers, protect the continuous pyrolysis reactor from oxygen access. Due to technological specifications of the reactor chamber dioxins and furans are decomposed completely, thereby there are neither residues of hazardous substances in output products, nor emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere. The technology of low temperature continuous pyrolysis ensures operational and environmental safety.

The BPG pyrolysis facilities have been designed to implement full waste recycling cycle. Thus, the equipment elements, required for further processing of the output products of the pyrolysis process, are included into the system. The type of finished products depends on the raw materials specifications and economic reasonability; it is usually agreed with the customer who initiates waste recycling project.

Therefore, the third operational stage of the BPG Plant may be carried out with electricity or heat generating equipment module, fractionating tower to produce liquid fuel for boilers or briquetting machine for charcoal briquettes production (please, find the sample of barbecue briquettes here).